July 20, 2024

How to choose your best garage door?

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How to choose your garage door?

You want to change your garage door or you build and you do not know how to make the right choice? Doors 4U Garage Doors gives you the keys to choose the door that suits your needs and your desires. There are several criteria to consider …

A garage door that adapts to your daily needs

The first question to ask is the openness to choose according to the existing . Especially in the context of a renovation, it may have constraints related to the terrain, the architecture of your house, the proximity of the road …

It will be necessary to determine first link, the opening system according to the characteristics existing of your garage.

Discover the different types of doors:

Sectional garage doors

Sectional garage doors consist of hinged panels, and operate in the manner of roller shutters . Appreciated by new constructions, they save space and do not overflow on the outside. Easily motorized, they adapt to very wide openings and have the advantage of being very insulating.

How to choose your garage door?

Tilting doors

Tilting doors are made of one piece . These are the most requested doors, they also benefit from good value for money . When they are overflowing, you have the entire volume inside your garage but they will encroach on the outside of the garage. When they are not overflowing, they do not encroach on the outside of the garage and will not interfere with the passage of pedestrians for example. They are also doors that are easy to motorize.

Side garage doors

The side garage doors adapt to the most complex renovation situations by offering significant space savings. Thanks to its lateral movement, the ceiling of your garage remains free and you can therefore install a storage space. In addition, a gate is often integrated automatically.

Swing garage doors

The swing door is the “traditional” door par excellence . They are composed of two leaves, like a portal. Most of the time, this door opens on the outside and frees up space inside the garage. This door provides an effective response to delicate renovations at an affordable price. Only downside: they are difficult to motorize ( ask a Doors 4U Garage Doors adviser ).

Motorize your garage door

Increase your comfort by motorizing your garage door! Thanks to the engine, you will not need to get out of your car to open your garage!

The power of the door motor depends on the width and therefore the weight of your door. Each motorized door is accompanied by a remote control.

During renovation, it is important to check upstream with the commercial the feasibility to motorize your door. Depending on the dimensions or bulky objects (pipes), it is sometimes difficult or impossible to install an engine.

Thanks to home automation, motorized doors can be managed remotely from your tablet or smartphone.

How to choose your garage door?

Styles and finishes of garage door

Garage doors are highly customization and allow you to give in to all your desires . You have the possibility to add portholes for example. Thanks to them, we can let in the light inside the garage. Your porthole can be round or diamond-shaped, opaque or with decoration (stainless steel frame …).

In terms of appearance, you also have the choice with sanded, ribbed or smooth finishes. For sectional doors, the articulated panels that compose it can be of different sizes: L, M or S. Similarly, you can also opt for “cassettes” on your door panel.


Your motorized door can be accessorized at the level of the home automation for example with the addition of a control keyboard or fingerprint reader (in addition to the supplied remote control).

To facilitate the passage, many customers ask us to install a door integrated in the automatic garage doors.

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