July 20, 2024

Engagement ring : choose best in many low – high range ?

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Do you want to ask him THE question? And like in the movies, do you want to surprise her with a beautiful box, and especially with a engagement ring inside? Impossible to miss on this point! So if you are feeling a bit lost when choosing the engagement ring for your sweetheart, here are some tips to help you see more clearly.


From a few hundred to several thousand dollars, this is one of the first things to think about when choosing your ring. The price of a ring is determined by the stone, its size, its weight, the chosen metal etc … I would say that when in doubt, it would be better to choose a stone of a certain quality, rather than a larger but less stone. pure.


Above all, the ring must please him. Trust her style, or the jewelry she already has on her. Rather discreet, or full of personality? Needless to say, if you present her with a pretty, but nonetheless original flower ring in all colors, while it is more of the discreet type, chances are you will have to review your copy. And like in architecture, engagement ring, there are fashions and styles. Graphic and refined, or art deco, according to the stones chosen and their settings (grain, closed, claws …), choose according to the style of your other half.


We obviously think of diamonds. Inseparable or almost from the engagement ring, there is little chance of going wrong with the queen of stones. But why not fall for another gemstone? Your other half might be tempted by green tsavorite or pink tourmaline. For my part, I have a real crush on fine stones, quartz for example, or citrine and its luminous golden yellow, or the peridot of a very delicate green, definitely one of my favorite stones. . And if you want to make your request even more personal, don’t hesitate to take a look at the meaning of the stones .


And we don’t forget the 4C rule (color, purity – clarity-, size -cut-, caratage). A subtle tint and a few slight blemishes are better than a poor color. The more inclusions a diamond has, the less valuable it will be. Each stone must be cut in an optimal way to be sublimated. Pear, oval, cushion, or shiny sizes, it is then a matter of taste. The karats determine the weight of a stone, the more karats, the more expensive the stone will be.


Yellow or pink gold, silver, and obviously white or platinum gold, first think about the kind of jewelry she likes to wear. If all of her other ring or earrings are made of yellow gold, chances are she likes an engagement ring of the same metal. To identify them, in addition to their color, know that metals must be stamped beyond a certain weight. (Gold or platinum articles weighing less than 3 grams and silver articles weighing less than 30  grams are not subject to the sampling plan unless the operator wishes to mark them. ” Source ). For example, you will find an eagle for gold elements, or a dog for those in platinum.


The stones can be arranged in different ways on the setting of a ring. There is for example the solitaire, THE great timeless classic. There is also the shouldered solitaire, for which the central stone is accompanied by other stones on either side of it. There too no rule, everything is a matter of taste.


The most discreet, borrow one of her rings, and obviously a ring that she usually wears on the ring finger. But if you were unable to steal one of her jewelry from her, don’t worry, your jeweler can always size the ring you gave her (unless it is fully paved, then it will be a little more complicated. ).And you? What does your engagement ring look like? Did your other half choose it alone? Did you two go there? Or have you opted for a family gem? Please feel free to share the story of your engagement ring in the comments of this article.


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